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small business web design agency

Small Business Web Design Agency

Stunning website designs by a web agency for local and small businesses

Get results with a new or refreshed website

For a small business, your website may not seem important, but it is. These days, the website is the first point of contact for many of your potential clients. Many people in your area are looking for a business like yours, but they probably aren’t sitting in front of their computer, they’re in the office or on the go using a smartphone to get information they need and want.

As a business owner, your job isn’t just running a business, it also includes attracting clients and customers, and the right website can help you do that.

WebSpark Digital is a full-service digital agency in Mid-Michigan serving local and SMB businesses in the USA.

We’ve worked with small corner stores and large enterprise companies in manufacturing, home goods and housewares, the financial markets, restaurants and food and beverage industries. We also have worked with doctors and lawyers, DJs and video game live streamers.

With over 12 years experience in web design, digital marketing, branding and a host of other digital services, WebSpark Digital is the ideal partner for your small business.

Please note: We don’t take on Web Design or Development work on its own. It is offered when digital marketing efforts would be hampered by a slow, outdated or badly assembled website. Web development and design isn’t the primary focus of what we do, although we do have professional capabilities in the area.