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The Foundation For All Other Digital Marketing

SEO : Your Road Map To Better Search Visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kind of like a foundation to a house. A strong foundation ensures the house will withstand the test of time, adverse weather conditions and regular use.

SEO is the foundation for digital marketing. Strong SEO strengthens your website, helps it weather changes in Google Algorithm changes, and gives the user a better overall experience.

Webspark Digital has the expertise and enthusiasm to really optimize your site so that it will rank better in the search results. Our 20-point SEO inspection ensures that all the areas for improvement are uncovered, and builds a road map SEO strategy.

Our 20-point Website Audit provides a clear road map to better search engine rank.

The SparkSearchâ„¢ Advantage

Energize Your Search Engine Optimization!

We’re passionate about SEO.

It’s the most important first-step to better placement in the search engine results, but sadly, it’s also the most overlooked aspect to digital marketing.

With pressure from clients to see increases in traffic, digital agencies are forced to focus on the items that bring in temporary traffic, such as Pay-per-click advertising and blasting social media hoping that people are interested enough to visit the site.

We believe that in the long run, SEO has the advantage by optimizing your site for the best free listing positions, the organic search results. A well optimized site also does better when Google changes their algorithms.

A 20-Point Comprehensive SEO Audit

There are many aspects to optimizing a website for the best SEO performance. On the surface, it might seem simple and easy, but knowing what to optimize and how is an art form that only the passionate are truly good at. We take care to review your whole site, even the code and server to ensure all the bases are covered.

Technical SEO

We start by evaluating all the “behind the scenes” areas on with your site. These are the things that your site visitors don’t see. The code that runs the site and the server the site resides on are two important areas that are evaluated. Recommendations are made based on findings that will help your site perform better.

On-Page SEO

These are the elements that people can see on your site. It’s an audit of the content, headers, images and other media. We do a through manual audit so nothing is missed.

Off-Site Audit

We also look across the web at other sites that mention or link to yours. When higher authority sites link to yours, Google tends to trust that link more than links on low-quality or new websites. The more high authority links your site receives, the better it tends to do in the search results.

Competitor Comparison

You’re not the only website on the internet. Chances are that you have a lot of competition.