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WebSpark Digital offers affordable Digital Marketing to professional photographers.

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Professional Photographers are struggling to compete with those that feel their iPhone camera is good enough for those product photos, food and beverage shots or corporate work. Most clients don’t realize the difference between a professional shot taken on a high-end camera and a quick snap taken from a phone.

Digital Marketing Brings Clients Back

It seems that people only hire a pro photographer for weddings and special events. It also seems that anyone with a $500 DSLR thinks that they’re a professional.

You know better. There’s so much more to professional photography than just buying a Nikon D3500 starter kit from Walmart.

WebSpark Digital works with professional photographers like you.

Let us walk you through our unique approach to bringing in more paying clients and gaining a loyal following. The process includes important elements of social media, SEO, local optimizations, marketing automation and more that will help you get more gigs.


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Get more customers for your professional photography business with our digital marketing services. We offer 100% FREE digital marketing for the first month of your 12 month agreement [read the not-so-fine print here]. Pricing is hours-based with discounts available. Let us tell you all about it. Fill out the form below or call us at (734) 224-4044 to discuss. Oh, and the consultation is free too, of course!