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We Don’t Like Fine Print.

It’s where everyone tries to hide things. You know, all those little things that could come back to bite you? Yeah, fine print.

We like to be transparent. We want you to know what you’re getting into before you sign up. There’s a lot less headache and heartache when we’re both on the same page.

We’re going to be as clear as possible here. We want you to understand. If you have questions, click on that chat box in the lower right corner and ask us questions!

Free Digital Marketing Offer

The free digital marketing offer is part of a complete digital marketing package. It covers the first thirty (30) days of work on your website project. The number of hours devoted to your free month is equal to the number of monthly hours you agreed to contract WebSpark Digital for.

In other words, if you contract WebSpark Digital for 20 hours of digital marketing per month, we would assign 20 hours to the first free month.

What does the free month include?

When you contract with any digital agency, the first thing they want to do is learn about your business and website.

Most of the time, there will be meetings. Other companies would bill you for these meetings but WebSpark Digital includes them in the free hours.

There also will be a strategy document outlining the digital marketing plan written up. Along with that, there will be a plan of action, time table and scope of work document that details what the digital marketing company will and won’t do according to the contract or agreement. Writing all this stuff takes time. Trust us. We have spent countless hours on this.

Here’s the deal: WebSpark digital will include these documents in your free hours as well. The benefit to you is that you don’t have to pay any extra costs up front to get your project started.

Almost every digital agency we know also charges the client for project management and account setup & management time. WebSpark does not. We don’t even charge this time against your free hours. We believe that internal time and costs should be just that — internal. It’s not fair to make you pay for us to run our business.

Essentially we don’t want you to have to pay for anything that doesn’t benefit you.

After all the meetings are done, documents approved and initial research done, we use the balance of the first free month’s time to start the digital marketing work on your site. We work according to the strategy, and will not make changes that aren’t approved by you.

Here’s How We Get Paid

The most important document you will receive is the Website Projected Growth sheet. This sheet contains projections of how much the traffic and site should grow and improve. It also contains key performance indicators (KPI) like website traffic numbers, and users that will likely visit the site under our digital marketing program.

When we say we’re a performance-driven digital marketing agency, we mean that. The Website Projected Growth sheet will have the numbers that we MUST hit in order for us to get paid.

Essentially, your site has to grow or you don’t pay.

It’s how we say our digital marketing program is risk-free to you, and it’s also a promise you’ll never hear other digital marketing agency make. Sure, it’s risky for the agency, but when you have over 15 years of online marketing skills like we do, our clients can count on paying us every month after the free digital marketing month because we do hit our numbers.

How Does The Contract Work?

WebSpark Digital includes a twelve (12) month contract with the free digital marketing offer.

The first month is free regardless whether we meet or exceed our projected numbers or not.

If we do NOT hit our numbers, you have the option to cancel the contract with no penalties or contract cancellation charges within 5 business days of the last day of the first month. We sincerely hope you’ve seen the hard work that we put in on your behalf and give us a second chance, but cancelling at this point is an option.

If we DO hit our projected numbers, the contract remains in effect. You will be responsible for payment to WebSpark Digital for every month that we meet or exceed the projected numbers.

On months during the contract, outside of the free period (e.g.: Months 2 through 12), if we do not hit our numbers, the next month’s work will be done free of charge.

The Contract automatically renews at the end of the 12 months for another 12 months. You do have a 5 business day window of opportunity to cancel the contract renewal beginning on the fifth day previous to contract expiration date. Again, we hope you don’t, but if it makes business sense, then you do have the option to cancel at this time with no penalties or cancellation charges.

All cancellation notifications (including the first month cancellation notice) must be sent to cancellation@websparkdigitalagency.com during this 5 business day window of opportunity. If you fail to cancel within the five day window, the renewed contract will be in effect and a $5000.00 early termination charge will be assessed for any cancellations.

How do Payments Work?

Currently we use PayPal Subscriptions. This alleviates the hassle of sending invoices every month. You don’t have to waste time writing checks and making sure your payments are on time either, because we charge $49 for the first returned check and/or late payment and $150 for each instance thereafter.

PayPal subscriptions eliminates all that work. Each month, your company credit card is charged our agreed upon rate for the contracted hours. That never changes. If there happens to be a month where we don’t meet performance goals, that month’s charge is refunded to your card during the following month (within 30 days of initial transaction).

NOTE: The first free month will not be charged to your credit card to start the subscription. You will see the first charge on your second month.

Payments are made at the beginning of every billable month until the last month of the contract. Our services are prepaid, so that means that you pay for July work on July 1st. You also would pay for August work on August 1, and so on.