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Just having a website doesn’t mean people are going to find it. Sure, you might get a few views, but if you want to fully realize your website’s potential, you are going to need Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is a combination of optimizing the site for best performance in the search engine results on specific keywords and doing off-site marketing to bring the traffic in.

We’ve worked with small corner stores and large enterprise companies in manufacturing, home goods and housewares, the financial markets, restaurants and food and beverage industries. We also have worked with doctors and lawyers, DJs and video game live streamers.

With over 12 years experience in web design, digital marketing, branding and a host of other digital services, WebSpark Digital is the ideal partner for your small business.

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Websites need traffic. Traffic converts to customers. Customers bring in revenue. Digital Marketing brings in Traffic. Done.


Search Engine Optimization &
Search Engine Marketing

Just putting up a website doesn’t mean you’ll receive visitors, customers or clients. Your site needs to be visible in the search results. If you’re nowhere to be found, the website is useless. Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures your business shows up in search results.

WebSpark Digital’s goal is to get your business website ranking at the top of the first page of Google! A combination of factors goes into making sure your SEO strategy is as strong as possible and with WebSpark Digital’s SparkSearch™ SEO/SEM strategy, you have the best “affordable” SEO agency working for you.

Social Media Marketing

B2B and B2C businesses often overlook the fact that social media is an extremely effective marketing tool when campaigns are setup and run correctly. In addition to supplementing the ongoing SEO initiatives, social media gives your business a platform where you can engage directly with your customers and target audience.

WebSpark Digital’s SparkSocial™ Social Media Marketing Strategy puts your business in front of your potential clients and customers through their personal feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social medias!

ppc marketing

Paid Search (PPC) Marketing

You see those ads every time you search Google for something. As much as people hate it, those ads at the top of Google Search really do work. They increase traffic, leads and brand recognition. PPC also is performance-based. You don’t pay for ads unless they’re clicked on making advertising affordable.

WebSpark Digital’s SparkPPC™ Paid Search Strategy optimizes your ad campaigns, reduces your costs, and increases the results while driving conversions to your website. You pay advertising sources directly and we just manage the ads. We don’t ever touch your PPC money.

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

WebSpark Digital takes business seriously, and that’s why we’ve come up with a streamlined, focused approach to your inbound marketing campaigns. We call it SparkBound™ Inbound. Backed by a well-researched strategy, industry leading inbound marketing software and buyer personas, we have the right tools to target the right audience for maximum conversions. By increasing their interest and awareness, we bring in highly qualified leads and turn them into your customers at the right time.

Web Design & Development

Stunning Web Design and
Web Development

Your website is essentially your online storefront.It should be designed to accurately convey your brand, clearly illustrate the products and services you offer and encourage visitors to connect with you through strong calls to action.

Your website is often the first point of contact for your customers and clients. If your website doesn’t deliver, then you’re missing opportunities for new business. WebSpark Digital can help. We can create a stunning new site or refresh your old existing site and bring it up to date. We’re the “affordable” digital agency, so contact us to discuss your site today!

Outbound Marketing

You know from experience as a business owner who your ideal customers are and what they’re interested in. With a comprehensive outbound marketing strategy, targeting those customers even when they aren’t actively searching for you can lead to better sales and ROI. We do deep research to identify those potential customers that indicate they are in need of your services and put your brand and messaging directly in front of them.

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and WebSpark Digital is your “affordable” outbound marketing specialists!

visitor ad retargeting

Visitor Retargeting

Your potential customers and clients might not be ready to make a purchase or contact you for your services the first time they visit your site. They could be just looking around or not yet at a buying decision.

Retargeting your visitors ensures that you have that vital “second chance” to win their business. You know when you go to a website, then a couple sites later, you’re seeing ads for that first site all over the place? That’s retargeting and at WebSpark Digital, through our unique ReSpark™ Retargeting, our specialists will ensure that your business gets that second chance to earn new business.

demand generation

Demand Generation

Climbing the ranks organically can take months that also may lead to a slow buildup of traffic and leads. WebSpark Digital’s SparkGen™ approach leverages multi-tiered paid media platforms that include Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We choose the right platform to generate demand based on your target audience and buyer personas to ensure that the right people are seeing your campaigns at the right time.

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